Community Practice

The Community Practice course is a fieldwork option for D’Youville Occupational Therapy students.

Community Practice: OT 690

An advanced practicum in a community-based or education-based setting, for the purpose of exploring new, non-traditional, or specialty applications of occupational therapy knowledge and skills. Requirements are based on a contract negotiated between the student and the preceptor and approved by the course coordinator. Individuals with a variety of professional backgrounds and education may serve as preceptors. [Practicum (variable 5 – 15 hours per week) and 1-hour seminar per week] Community practice students are available every spring semester January-May to complete projects.

Example of OT 690 Final Presentation: Fall Prevention Presentation

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If you have an idea for a community practice project, are interested in having an OT student come to your facility, or if you have questions about Community Practice, you can contact any of the following D’Youville OT faculty members: